The MePixa! began with a joke by mid 2005, where one of his partners decided to create a Flash game just to learn thats programming language (actionscript). "O Quarto", a title which in Portuguese means "The Room" was released.

It was a surprise that the game was a success, and in little time, thousands of people talked about and even put walkthroughs on YouTube

With this support, we decided to make the sequel to the game, and in 2007 "O Cofre" (Portuguese for "The Safe") was released. The results were amazing, the game has been played for more than a million people.

Unfortunately after that we went into a frenetic rhythm of work, and could not publish new games for a long time. Then, in late 2011, we decided to unite to raise once again the MePixa!, This time for real.

Our goal is to bring a little more fun to the world. If someone in somewhere is enjoying our products, reducing stress, then our work was worth it.
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