Metro Buttons

Metro-style customizable shortcuts, plus Facebook and Gmail Notifiers!

Platform: Google Chrome (Browser)
Genre: Utilities

Configure your shortcuts in metro-style!
Choose the icon to your favorite websites through the more than 1500 different combinations! Also you can change the background of the application.

Plus you can turn on the "Facebook" and "Gmail" notifiers, and set the time between the checks. Keep track if someone sent you an email or poke you!


The app that remembers everything you copy!

Platform: OS X
Genre: Utilities

ReClip keep a history of all the text that you copied. 
By clicking on any item in the history it comes back to the clipboard. 
Support for sandbox!


Save your Custom Margins and Print the current page!

Platform: Google Chrome (Browser)
Genre: Utilities

This application allows you to customize and save the positioning of your print margins (Inches or Millimeters), also it adds a printer button to the Google Chrome!
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